Oct 23, 2019  


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Graduate Leadership Office
Bell Hall Suite 174
4195 Administration Dr.
Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-0111
Phone: 1.888.717.6247 or 269.471.3487
Fax: 269.471.6560
Email: edadmin@andrews.edu, edal@andrews.eduleader@andrews.edu
Undergraduate Leadership Office
Campus Center
8525 University Blvd.
Berrien Springs, Michigan 49104-0300
Phone: 269.471.6681
Fax: 269.471.6388
Email: ulead@andrews.edu

Robson Marinho, Chair
Christon Arthur
Erich Baumgartner
Jay Brand
Duane Covrig
Subir Dass
David Ferguson
Sylvia Gonzalez
James R. Jeffery
Janet Ledesma
Enoc Lopez

Shirley Freed
Lyndon G. Furst
Gary D. Gifford
Edward A. Streeter


The Department of Leadership develops a community of scholar practitioners who transform the power of knowledge into service. Its core values include community, service, integrated life and human dignity.


    Educational Leadership

    Educational Leadership programs at Andrews University are designed to prepare administrators for the opportunities in school leadership as principals, superintendents or supervisors. Whether you are an individual seeking to be mentored, a seasoned administrator, or an aspiring school leader who wishes to enroll in a program that respects and uses your past experiences, we are ready to serve you in ways that meet your needs.

    Educational Leadership programs are guided by ten standards. The first six standards are derived from the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC), which is identified by our accrediting body, the National Council of Accreditation in Teacher Education (NCATE), as the appropriate council to provide guidance for K–12 Educational programs. The additional four standards have been added in consultation with educational leaders in the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.

    Higher Education Administration

    Higher Education is one of the fastest growing areas of education in the world today. Graduates at the master level typically work in administrative and executive positions in student services such as enrollment, admissions, financial services, athletics and residence halls. The program serves those who wish to pursue careers and academic positions in teaching and research in colleges and universities, as well as corporate training or policy making positions at the private and state level. The curriculum has an international focus that includes visiting international universities to interact with faculty and students of institutions in different countries around the world.

    The mission of the Higher Education Administratoin program is to empower diverse scholar-practitioners for service in national and international colleges and universities, committed to Christian values and high professional standards.


    The Leadership program represents a new concept in graduate education. It is offered by the School of Education as an international and interdisciplinary collaborative graduate program.
    It is designed to meet the needs of mid-career leaders and to provide an innovative and highly flexible program allowing self-motivated learners the opportunity to pursue an MA, EdS, EdD or PhD degree in the context of a learning community, without requiring a move of their families or a break in their careers. Participants in this interdisciplinary program come from a variety of professional backgrounds including healthcare, business, education, pastoring, the military, and government.


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