Jun 25, 2024  

Educational Leadership PhD

Program Description

The doctoral programs in Educational Leadership prepare participants for professional careers in education as superintendents or elementary and secondary-school administrators. These programs also prepare leaders for service in many types of agencies and organizations. Both the Doctor of Education (EdD) and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs require a minimum of 90 credits and the submission of a research based article to a peer-reviewed publication documented by the decision letter from the editor of the peer review journal. However, the PhD degree is more research-oriented and requires more courses in advanced research methodologies. Those specifically served by this degree are the following:

  • Teachers with master’s degrees interested in transitioning into educational administration and securing an additional degree while completing their NAD administration certification and endorsement.
  • Principals of K–8, K–10, K–12, and 9–12 schools
  • Supervisors of instruction
  • Superintendents of schools
  • Those interested in teaching Educational Administration at the higher education level

Participants may transfer up to 42 credits from previous graduate work into the doctoral program. Candidates must complete LEAD 630 - Introduction to Leadership  as an introduction to the philosophy of leadership and review of the standards that will guide their educational plan. The curriculum consists of a minimum of 90 semester credits beyond the baccalaureate degree and requires the completion of a portfolio and a dissertation. Many courses are offered as variable credits; therefore, candidates should consider their credit needs when planning their course work and registering for courses. The portfolio serves as a component of the doctoral comprehensive examination. Both doctorates require the successful completion of a dissertation. Beginning the semester after registering for LEAD 880 - Dissertation Proposal Development , candidates must register for at least 1 dissertation credit during each semester until their dissertation is successfully defended.

Program Delivery

This program is offered on campus and as an interactive online program (see School of Distance Education Definitions). The online courses follow fixed enrollment with semester start and end dates.  Participants interact with each other and with instructor throughout all courses.  The online program requires summer on-campus attendance in the first year.  Students are also encouraged to come to campus for graduation.

Total Credits: 90

Degree Core

Concentration - 18

 More credits are available from variable credit courses.

Cognates - 12

  • Choose from outside Educational Administration, such as Business, Communication, Social Work, Psychology, Curriculum, Leadership, Research, or transfer credits.

Program Electives

As needed, in consultation with your advisor.