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Curriculum and Instruction PhD

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Program Delivery

This program is offered on campus and as an interactive online program (see School of Distance Education Definitions). The online courses follow fixed enrollment with semester start and end dates.  Participants interact with each other and with instructor throughout all courses.  The online program requires summer on-campus attendance in the first year.  Students are also encouraged to come to campus for graduation.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

As the research-oriented degree, the PhD is designed for individuals who wish to be educational leaders. This is accomplished by original, theoretical and conceptual research along with immersion in the field. Individuals taking this degree typically enter higher education, government and/or advanced positions in K–12 education. Program requirements for this degree include an additional research course.

PhD Foundations: 5–6 credits

PhD Electives: 17–18 credits

Electives are selected by advisement to expand personal development within targeted outcomes. Examples of specializations and cognates for doctoral degrees are listed below. Please refer to the C&I Program Handbook for detailed information regarding electives.

Total PhD degree Credits: 92+

EdD and PhD Specializations and Cognates

Within the EdS, EdD, and PhD degree options, the following specializations or cognates are available:

Teaching in Higher Education
Curriculum Leadership
Instructional Leadership
Teacher Education

Educational Foundations
Educational Research
Religious Education
Educational Psychology
Educational Leadership
Special Education

* Beginning the semester after registering for EDRM 880 /LEAD 880 , candidates must register for at least 1 dissertation credit during each semester until their dissertation is successfully defended.