Nov 17, 2018  

Management BBA

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Management is a broad-based discipline. The faculty offers courses for students who desire either a specific business emphasis within management or a general business degree. Most management graduates enter into an internship or training program where they can integrate their general business skills with specific job responsibilities.

Since management is a broad field, variation is allowed in academic programs. Management majors are urged to focus their course work in an area of concentration. Also available is a double degree, BA/BBA: International Business and Language , which combines a BBA in Management with a BA in Language for International Trade.

Total Credits: 124

Major Requirements

Major Electives—9

Group A electives—3-9

BSAD courses not previously applied

Group B electives—0-6

Electives may be selected from ACCT, ECON, FNCE, INFS or MKTG courses

Business Major Course/GPA Requirements

Students must complete the required and elective major courses (27 credits) with a minimum GPA of 2.33 (C+). The GPA is figured including all courses attempted—even those in which a D is received and which, therefore, do not apply towards the 27 credits of the major.

All management majors must obtain a C (2.00) minimum grade in ACCT 121 , ACCT 122  and a C (2.00) minimum grade in BSAD 355 .


General Electives—11

 Sufficient credits to complete the 124 credits required for graduation.

Andrews Core Experience - 44

Students must take all courses designated in the Andrews Core Experience: Professional Degrees  while noting the following approved course substitutions. Note: if a student changes to another degree program, these course substitutions will no longer apply even if already completed.

Additional Requirements

Transfer Work

The School of Business Administration does not accept 100-200 level courses (i.e. lower division) as transfer work to replace 300-400 level courses (i.e. upper division).

Residence Requirement

Students must complete in residence in the School of Business Administration at Andrews University a minimum of 50% (33 credits) of the course work for the BBA degree (66 credits=39 credits in the BBA core + 27 credits in BBA required/elective major courses).

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