Dec 08, 2022  

Letter from the Vice President for Student Life

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Dear Students:

On behalf of dedicated administrators, faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to welcome you to Andrews University.

By selecting Andrews you have chosen to be part of a unique culture of Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith and values. Whether or not you share our faith perspective, we ask you to respect it and invite you to be open to the conversation. We will, of course, hold you accountable to live within these values, just as we’ll hold ourselves accountable to create a campus environment that is uniquely Christian.

Andrews University is more than brick and mortar—it’s a community. Coming together helps all of us to create and sustain who we are. When you chose Andrews, if you are an undergraduate student, you also agreed to live on a residential campus and to engage in co-curricular experiences that foster faith and learning.

In this Handbook, you will find a description of our Community Values that include honesty, modesty, respect for others, a wholesome lifestyle and safety. I will also personally call you to embrace four great cares: 1) caring for yourself (a unique creation of God), 2) caring for each other (all are precious in His sight), 3) caring for the University (the mission, values and property of Andrews University) and, most importantly, 4) caring for your Creator (in whom we live and have our being).

As an awesome creation of God with infinite possibilities, you will greatly enrich our campus. At the heart of Andrews University is a transformative educational experience designed to motivate you to reach the potential God has created for you in all aspects of your life—mind, body and spirit—and to inspire you to serve others.

We are steadfast in our support of you and your journey at Andrews University as together we “Seek Knowledge, Affirm Faith and Change the World.”


Frances Faehner, PhD
Vice President for Student Life