Dec 08, 2022  

Philosophy and Principles of Dress

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Andrews University’s philosophy of dress is grounded in biblical ideals and the professional standards expected of a university. As members of a Christian community, we aspire to glorify our Creator and to show respect for self and others in our dress.

The specifics of the “Andrews Look” illustrate the fundamental principles of modesty, simplicity and appropriateness.

  • Modesty—Appropriately covering the body, avoiding styles that are revealing or suggestive.
  • Simplicity—Accentuating God-given grace and natural beauty rather than the ostentation encouraged by the fashion industry.
  • Appropriateness—Wearing clothing that is clean, neat and suitable to occasion, activity and place.

As a Seventh-day Adventist university, we interpret these principles in accordance with our faith tradition. While respecting individuals who may view them differently, we ask all who study, work or play on our campus to abide by our dress code while here.

Specifics of the Andrews Look:

  • Men’s Attire—Pants or jeans with shirts or sweaters are the most appropriate dress for everyday campus wear. Examples of inappropriate attire are tank tops, bare midriffs and unbuttoned shirts. Modest shorts are acceptable; however, athletic shorts are appropriate only for sporting activities.
  • Women’s Attire—Dresses, skirts, pants or jeans with shirts, blouses, sweaters and/or jackets are appropriate for most occasions. Examples of inappropriate attire are sheer blouses, tube tops, low necklines, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps or no straps, tank tops, short skirts and two-piece bathing suits. Modest shorts are acceptable; however, athletic shorts are appropriate only for sporting activities.
  • Accessories—These should be minimal and carefully chosen after considering the principle of simplicity above. Examples of jewelry and accessories that are not appropriate at Andrews University are ornamental rings and bracelets, necklaces and chains, and piercings of all kinds. Modest symbols of a marital commitment, such as wedding and engagement rings, are acceptable.

Students not conforming to these standards of dress should anticipate being asked to come into compliance. This is especially true in the workplace, in leadership positions and when taking a role in activities representing Andrews University.