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Haughey Hall, Room 121

Shandelle M. Henson, Chair
Joon Hyuk Kang
Robert C. Moore
Yun Myung Oh
Amanda Umlauf (Mathematics & Science Center)
Abdias Vence (Mathematics & Science Center)
Lynelle M. Weldon

Kenneth L. Franz
Theodore R. Hatcher
Donald H. Rhoads


Through teaching, research and service, the Department of Mathematics seeks to provide leadership in the mathematical sciences by preparing students with the mathematical understanding, problem-solving skills and dispositions that enable them to excel in their chosen careers; increasing mathematical and scientific knowledge through publication and presentation; supporting the broader mathematics education community; and mentoring others for generous service through a committed Christian life.

Mathematics is foundational to physics, engineering, and computer science, and is increasingly important in many fields of study such as finance, accounting, economics, biology, medicine, and environmental science. Students  majoring in these and other fields will find that acquiring an additional major in mathematics or mathematical studies greatly enhances the marketability of their degree.

Special Requirements and Placement Test

Non-overlapping Credit Restrictions

Because there is substantial overlap in material covered in the following groups of courses, no student is granted credit (other than general elective credit) in more than one course from each group:

  1. MATH182, 191, 195 (Calculus with Applications, Calculus I, Calculus I for Biology)
  2. MATH145, 165, 166 (Reasoning with Functions, College Algebra, College Algebra for Business)
Minimum Grade for Prerequisites

Except for MATH191 and 195 which require a C in the prerequisite class (MATH168), the minimum grade to satisfy prerequisites is C-.

Mathematics Placement Examination (MPE) and General Education Mathematics Requirement

For more information on the MPE and General Education Mathematics Requirements  follow the link. The MPE score is valid as a prerequisite for mathematics courses for 3 years after it is earned. For more information, see the Mathematics Web site.

Behavioral Neuroscience

The Department of Mathematics is a participant in the Behavioral Neuroscience  program funded by the National Science Foundation.


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