Apr 24, 2024  

Behavioral Neuroscience

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Buller Hall, Room 211, Price Hall, Room 216,
269-471-3152, 269-471-3243,
biology@andrews.edu, bhsc@andrews.edu

Karl Bailey, Director, Psychology
Harvey Burnett, Psychology
Pamela Coburn-Litvak, Biology
Tom Goodwin, Biology
James Hayward, Biology
Herbert Helm, Advisor, Psychology
Shandelle Henson, Advisor, Mathematics
David Mbungu, Advisor, Biology
Duane McBride, Advisor, Behavioral Sciences
Benjamin Navia, Biology
Melissa Ponce-Rodas, Advisor, Psychology
Gordon Atkins, Adjunct, Biology


As a program at a Seventh-day Adventist University, the behavioral neuroscience program aims to help students integrate their study of the mind and brain into their faith development and Christian walk by encouraging the careful study of, and faithful response to, their area of study and scholarship as both Christians and developing scholars..

Behavioral Neuroscience is an interdisciplinary program at Andrews University that is based in the Departments of Behavioral Sciences, Biology and Mathematics. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for undergraduates to prepare for exciting careers in the fascinating, rapidly growing scientific fields which involve the study of the brain and its control of behavior. In addition to helping students learn basic information about neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, and mathematical modeling, the Behavioral Neuroscience program involves students in hands-on, laboratory experiences, using research-quality equipment, and prepares students to not only learn from their field of study but to actively contribute to that field as well. Indeed, research with a faculty mentor is an integral part of the program, with the goal of student presentation and publication of research in professional venues. The interdisciplinary nature of Behavioral Neuroscience is reflected in a common core of classes taken by all students, whether they are majoring in Psychology, Biology or Mathematics, and in the flexibility afforded by each of the three emphases within the program for interdisciplinary study and original research.

As an interdisciplinary program that exists across three departments, the Behavioral Neurosciences Program also aims to develop and reflect a spirit of collaboration and integration on the campus, as exemplified in the interdisciplinary interests and work of faculty and students.



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