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Pre-Professional Program in Physician Assistant

Students from Departments within The College of Arts & Sciences
For students within the College of Arts & Science
Bill Chobotar: 269-471-3262
H. Thomas Goodwin: 269-471-3242
David N. Mbungu: 269-471-6399
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Price Hall (Science Complex)
D. David Nowack: 269-471-6065, Halenz Hall (Science Complex)

Physician assistants (PAs), members of a health-care team, practice medicine with supervision of licensed physicians. PAs perform a wide range of medical duties from basic primary care to high-technology specialty procedures. Professional PA education offered at any one of more than 100 accredited schools is an intensive 2–3 year program. Most PA programs are moving toward requiring a bachelors degree including courses in biology, chemistry, English, humanities/social science, mathematics, and psychology. The level of the science courses varies from program to program; consequently, each school should be consulted about its prerequisite requirements. Acceptance to a professional program typically requires an extensive health-care experience such as nurse assistant, medical/X-ray lab technician, respiratory therapist, paramedic, hospital aide, and emergency medical technician.

The National Directory of PA Programs may be ordered from APAP at 950 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314 or phone: 800- 708-7581. PA programs and education can be accessed via the web: www.aapa.org.

Pre-Professional Programs

Although essentially a liberal arts college, the College of Arts & Sciences offers certain pre-professional curricula for students who plan to enter professional schools. For medical and paramedical curricula, Andrews University maintains a special relationship with Loma Linda University.