Jun 19, 2024  

Communication Graduate Certificate

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The Graduate Certificate Program in Communication is a focused group of Andrews University courses in the field of communication. After completing the program, a student will have general communication skills for work in business, communication industries and the Church setting, both nationally and internationally. These skills include planning and preparing promotional materials, web content, speeches, presentations and visual media products.

A portfolio of current evidence related to experience within related areas of communication must be submitted before completion of the Graduate Certificate Program. A student who successfully completes the 12 credits will have met the requirements of the Graduate Certificate Program which is noted on the student’s transcript.

Courses taken in the Graduate Certificate Program may be applied by petition to a master’s program in Communication.

Admission and Time Limit

Graduate admission processes and standards of the Graduate School apply. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is not required. The time limit for completion of the certificate program should not exceed five years from the first enrollment.


Bachelor’s degree

Delivery System

Courses may be delivered as summer courses, as intensives on a three-year rotation basis and pre-campus and post-campus work may be required. The courses may be offered on a regular on-campus basis during the semester.




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Total Credits for Graduate Certificate—12

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