Sep 29, 2023  

Nursing, (Certificate) Post-MS

For information, contact:  Leigh Everhart,, 269-471-3312.

This program is for nurses (RN’s) who have a master’s degree in nursing and wish to focus on nursing education.  See Financial Information section for examination fees .

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general admission requirements in the Graduate Admissions section of the University bulletin, certain departmental requirements should be noted:

  1. MS: Nursing degree from an NLNAC or CCNE accredited school or equivalent licensure in country of residence.
  2. Completion of GRE Exam as per University requirements.
  3. Overall graduate GPA of 3.25.
  4. Current licensure as an RN in the United States or equivalent accreditation in country of residence.
  5. Positive recommendations by present or recent employers.

Applicants who fail to meet any of the above may be admitted only after committee consideration of the specific circumstances. Additional course work may be required.

Interactive Online Programs

This is a fully interactive online program only (see School of Distance Education Definitions ). The courses follow fixed enrollment with semester start and end dates. Participants interact with each other and with instructor throughout all courses.  This program does not require any time on campus. Students are encouraged to come to campus for graduation.


All graduate nursing students need to understand that:

  • Graduate nursing courses must be taken in the required sequence.
  • No grade lower than a B is accepted at the graduate level.
  • One credit of practicum is equal to 75 literal clock hours.
  • Academic performance alone does not ensure completion of the nursing preparation. Students must also continuously meet acceptable professional ethics, disposition and safety standards as determined by the practicum site.