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Undergraduate Leadership Minor with Certificate

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Undergraduate Leadership Certificate

The Leadership Certificate is a University-wide collaboration between academic departments and Student Life with the goal to prepare students for meaningful engagement in a global environment. It integrates knowledge and skills from students’ courses of study into a concentration focused on building capacities to influence their surroundings whether in the home, school, church or marketplace. Certificate graduates will learn to lead positive change and recognize their calling.

The certificate requires academic and co-curricular components that work together to develop leadership capacity.

Leadership Certificate Requirements

Application to the Program

Upon successful completion of LEAD 101 /LEAD 301 , a student may apply to the Certificate program. The program director and Undergraduate Leadership Council (ULC) will process applications.

Academic Requirements

Leadership Certificate (11-12)
Required Courses:  LEAD 101 or 301 (minimum 2 cr), 200, 496, 498 (minimum 2 cr) and 6 hours of cognates chosen in consultation with advisor.

Co-Curricular Requirements (LEAD 200 )

Leadership development requires more than theoretical understanding. Principles investigated in the classroom can be best experienced through practice, feedback and real-life context. Co-curricular expectations provide an ideal environment for this integration of theory and practice. Therefore, Certificate students are required to register for LEAD 200  each semester in residence. Fall, Spring

Graduation as an Andrews University Leadership Certificate Recipient

During the student’s final undergraduate term, the program director will recommend each qualifying candidate to the School of Education Leadership Department who will vote their recommendation to the ULC for review and conferral of certificate. Each recipient will be awarded in the following ways:

  • A celebration ceremony focusing on the student’s change project, leadership portfolio and leadership journey.
  • The Randall Leadership Medallion, which the student may wear during graduation ceremonies.
  • A Leadership Certificate with the Andrews University seal.
  • Specific mention or annotation in the University commencement program.
  • Notation of Leadership Certificate accomplishment included on transcripts.

Undergraduate Leadership Minor

The Leadership Minor includes the Leadership Certificate with all its requirements and awards while adding coursework giving greater depth in theoretical understanding, advanced practice in problem solving, and introductory principles and training in coaching others.

Minor in Leadership (20)
Required Courses: LEAD 101 or 301 (minimum 2 cr), 200*, 220, 310, 320, 496, 498 (minimum 2 cr) and electives chosen in consultation with advisor.  *LEAD 200 is required every semester in the program after taking LEAD 101 or 301.  Fall, Spring

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