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Andrews Core Experience: Professional Degrees

The Andrews Core Experience for Professional Degrees & Programs may also be viewed in a Printable Format .

See list below for programs and degrees eligible for the Professional Andrews Core Experience.


Recommend students take one course for each academic year in attendance from RELB, RELG, RELP, RELT.

RELT 100 - God and Human Life 


Take one course from the following:

MATH 145 - Reasoning with Functions 
MATH 165 - College Algebra  OR MATH 166 - College Algebra for Business 
MATH 168 - Precalculus 
MATH 191 - Calculus I 
MATH 195 - Calculus I for Biology 
STAT 285 - Elementary Statistics 



ENGL 215 - College Writing II 
COMM 104 - Communication Skills  

Computer Literacy
Determined by each professional program


Take one course. Recommend one of the following:

HIST 117 - Civilizations and Ideas I 
HIST 118 - Civilizations and Ideas II 




Determined by each professional program

Fine Arts/Humanities

Take one course from the following:

Visual Arts:

ARTH 220 - Language of Art 
PHTO 210 - History of Photography 
A course in studio


Any 200-level literature course
PHIL 224 - Introduction to Philosophy  


MUHL 214 - Enjoyment of Music 
One year of Ensemble, Applied Music
Social Sciences

Take one course from the following:

ANTH 200 - Cultural Anthropology 
BHSC 220 - An Interdisciplinary Approach to Contemporary Social Issues 
BHSC 235 - Culture, Place and Interdependence 
ECON 225 - Principles of Macroeconomics 
FMST 201 - Personal Relationships 
FNCE 206 - Personal Finance 
GEOG 110 - Survey of Geography 
PLSC 104 - American Government 
PLSC 237 - The Individual, State, and Marketplace 
PSYC 101 - Introduction to Psychology 
PSYC 180 - Dealing with Your Mind 
SOCI 119 - Principles of Sociology 


Life/Physical Sciences

Take one Life Science or one Physical Science course as recommended below or major level Life and Science course.

Life Science:

BIOL 100 - Human Biology 
BIOL 110 - Principles of Biology 
BIOL 208 - Environmental Science 
BIOL 330 - History of Earth and Life 
FDNT 230 - Nutrition /FDNT 240 - Nutrition Laboratory  
HORT 150 - iGrow    

Physical Science:

CHEM 100 - Consumer Chemistry 
CHEM 110 - Introduction to Inorganic Chemistry 
PHYS 110 - Astronomy 
PHYS 115 - Mythbusting 
PHYS 225 - Sound and Waves  

Fitness Education

Take two courses. Recommend HLED 120  first year.

HLED 120 - Fit for Life  first year (recommended)

Or take two courses from the following categories:

Personal Fitness, Outdoor Skills, Team Activity


Agriculture BT 
Allied Health Administration BS 
Architecture BSA 
Business Administration BBA 
Business Administration BS 
Business AS 
Communication Arts, Secondary Education BS 
Computer Science BS  
Construction Management, BSCM - Chronological 
Education, Elementary 
Education, Secondary 
Engineering, Chemical Engineering Concentration BSE  
Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering Concentration BSE 
Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Concentration BSE 
Exercise Science BS  
Physical Therapy BHS (Interim Degree)   
Interior Design BID - Chronological 
Medical Laboratory Sciences 
Music Education, Teacher Certification BMus 
Music Performance BMus 
Nutrition Science & Dietetics, Dietetics Concentration BS  
Nutrition Science & Dietetics, Nutrition Science Concentration BS  
Physical Therapy 
Social Work BSW 
Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology 
Visual Art & Design BFA 
Visual Arts Education BS 
Wellness BHS 

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