Dec 08, 2022  

Visual Art & Design

Carey C. Carscallen, Dean
Paula L. Dronen, Assistant Dean

Architecture Building, Room 101
269-471-6003; 269-471-3450; FAX: 269-471-6261

Visual Art & Design Faculty
Stefanie P. Elkins-Bates
Kari A. Friestad
Steven L. Hansen
Paul B. Kim
Thomas J. Michaud
Diane J. Myers
Rhonda G. Root
David B. Sherwin
Douglas A. Taylor
Marc G. Ullom
Sharon J. Prest Ullom

Gregory J. Constantine

Adjunct Faculty
Brian D. Manley
Donald L. May


We, the Andrews University Department of Visual Art & Design, mentor students to be Christ-centered, socially responsible creative individuals by developing their artistic gifts in a nurturing spiritual environment.

Department Goal

It is the goal of the Department of Visual Art & Design to help each student achieve the traditional and digital skills necessary to achieve entrance into a graduate program, begin work as a professional artist or craftsman or achieve a professional portfolio that will allow them to directly pursue a career in their chosen track after graduation. Through dedicated faculty, quality education and active community involvement, we seek to empower students to honor God in their visual communication.

Student Handbook. The Department of Visual Art & Design Student Handbook, available at the department office, provides clarification of departmental guidelines, requirements and standards.

Multiple Majors & Degrees. The Department of Visual Art & Design allows students to graduate with a double BFA major or a BFA and a BA in Art History. Credits cannot be duplicated within the 45 credit BFA emphasis. In the second BFA emphasis 39 credits are required, and excludes ART485 Thesis Project (3), ART496 Portfolio Development (2), and ART497 BFA Exhibition (1).

Computer Policy. The Department of Visual Art & Design regards the computer as a tool integral to the success of the visual communicator in their professional development. All students are required to purchase a laptop computer and software meeting the department guidelines. Because computer technology is continually changing, a revised policy is drafted in the fall semester, outlining the specific requirements for each year. Laptop purchases should be made by mid-fall semester of the student’s freshman year. Use of the computer in the curriculum varies by course.


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